Gift Vouchers available

Treat a loved one or friend to the wonderful benefits of Reflexology-whether it be Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Massage, combined treatments or for a selected amount of time, a gift voucher can be purchased.  Contact me for more details T.07799 138282 or email [email protected]

Packages available

These treatment packages have been selected to hopefully accommodate and prepare you for a special event, relaxation of the mind or they would make a fantastic gift to someone.

If there is a package that you particularly want to have put together for you - please let me know! 

Total 1hr 20mins £55

Time for me Package 1 includes:

• Back Massage (30mins)

• Facial Reflexology (20mins)

• Foot Reflexology (30mins)

£35 Time for me Package 2 Includes:

• 2 x 30-minute reflexology sessions within one month.

• 15% off any other treatments booked and taken within 1 month of first Time for Me 30 treatment

£60 Time for me Package 3 Includes:

• 2 x 60-minute reflexology within a 30 day period.

• 20% off any further treatments booked and taken within 1 month of your first Time for Me 60 treatment